Took a photo of myself today and I wasn’t showing all of my teeth. 

Oh, you know, Gaby Moreno and me just hanging out. HER PERFORMANCE WAS AMAZING MARRY ME.


Today in totally unnecessary holograms. King’s Cross.

If you say so.

Fun fact: I emailed Lois Lowry when I was a kid asking her to cast me as Jonas if and when she decided to turn The Giver into a movie. She basically told me to get lost BUT she responded, nonetheless.

I am torn between my need to love you and be loved by you and the incessant fear that you will never really understand or care for my most basic personal desires, nor I yours.


This is a word that you’re going to read and think it is meant for you. And you will try your best to make such a huge deal out of the fact that I uttered this word and you will shame me so for having written it, that we will both forget that you’re the one who walked out the door last night.

Oh, I guess that last bit makes it kinda obvious.

Yes, this word is for you.